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The Importance of “Moat” – Case Study: SnapChat

Summary: Moat, the competitive advantage a company has against its competitors, is crucial to its long term success. Snapchat does not have a strong moat and it is currently under attack. On the other hand, by copying Snapchat, Facebook has put itself in a win-win situation . One of the most important things in investment is the […]

Run a Business Like Michael Kors

After coming back from my Christmas Vacation, I was doing a screening on Bloomberg when a company with excellent to perfect numbers simply jumped out of the monitor and caught my attention: Michael Kors. Two days later, after a bit further research, I was fully convinced that this here might be one of the best investment opportunities […]

Valeant Being Taken Over? Doesn’t Make Sense!

Today, all the news about Valeant are reporting that Valeant received a takeover offer from Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and TPG, which was then rejected by Valeant. The stock soared since obviously someone else is valuing the company at a takeover offer, it must be cheap… However, even if that is true, the story does not sound […]

Valeant: Not “Sewer”, But Utter Crap!

I have been wanting to write this for a long time, now it is time. Running companies is difficult. It resembles the world of nature. Many are competing against you and none cares about you. Therefore, I never want to completely take credits away from a management or a company. Tough times come and go […]

Is Apple Rotting (2) & The Tech Landscape

I have previously written an article on Apple’s iPhone sales and the adverse competitive environmental in which it finds itself. Read it at Is Apple Rotting? (1) Unlike many others, technology industry usually gives rises to “the next big thing.” The success in the tech industry is analogous to winning a lottery ticket: a few make astronomical amount of […]

Is Apple Rotting? (1)

Thesis: Apple is a great brand, that is transitioning to a socially and environmentally responsible company. However, the lack of innovation in the recent years and the loss of brand niche, worsened with a confusion of developmental focus has made the once most attractive company in the world much less impactful. I believe unless a […]