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The Best Trick to Make Money in the Stock Market, Ever (No Click-Bait)

Let’s be honest: the market is very ironic. Just when you think it will never decline and the bull is charging with full force, the market goes lower; just when you are 100% pessimistic and think tomorrow is dark and gloomy, the market has its first tick up. The public is always wrong. I had […]

Valuation Trap Psychology

Have you ever wondered how the valuation of an asset actually works? How do we know how much exactly to pay for a share of company XYZ? Many professionals will make up sophisticated theories to answer these questions. However, few of them actually possess the most basic level of understandings. In fact, the current market […]

Why “You” Have the Upper Hand Against a Hedge Fund Manager

One of the questions that I am most asked is “Why does a regular retail investor, like mom and pop, who trade a few hundred shares at most at once, have the upper hand against a hedge fund manager who can call up CEO’s and manage billions of dollars?” I will explain that here. If […]