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A Man’s Most Valued Possession — Thoughts on the Fed’s Recent Reactions

    Okay, so what did happen today? And what will happen now? With a deeply saddened heart, I write this: In an unprecedented move, the Federal Reserve today announced another 625 Billion of purchasing program of Treasury securities, municipal bonds, MBS, and ABS — all to be completed in this one week. This comes […]

Trump’s Tariffs on Steel: Rationale & Impact

It is no longer news that Trump has suggested that US would raise the import tariffs on steel by 25% and aluminium by 10%. The market reacted in a notable fashion, which I believe was absolutely called-for. Import tariffs could have critical and significant consequences for the world economy. The way that Trump has implemented […]

Brexit? Far From the Most Important Issue.

DISCLAIMER (1): All writings were done at the time of the event/research. The view offered does not limit the writer from possibly taking other perspectives in the future. DISCLAIMER (2): ALL STOCK ADVICE WAS OFFERED WITH THE MOST RECENT INFORMATION AT THE TIME OF THE WRITING. BE WARE THAT THE MARKET CONDITIONS DISCUSSED COULD POSSIBLY […]