There is a certain beauty in value compounding. If you put in $100,000 in your investment account and simply receive a normal-looking 10% annual return, by the time you retire from your job in 40 years, you will have an astounding 4.5 million dollars.

However, true value is not necessarily the easiest to discover, in life or in the market. Once you do, you better make sure you hold on to it. The noise from Wall Street and countless analysts in the world make it even harder for retail investors to discover true values in the market for the correct reasoning.

At Value Compound, I analyze the market and discuss current economic and financial developments. I offer my insights on companies and potential profitable investment opportunities. I also touch upon certain aspects of the past, for I believe “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

A few things about me: My name is Archie Meng. I am a student studying Economics and Finance. I love finance and making wealth grow. I have managed a family portfolio for a few years; therefore, most ideas that I talk about here are from my research. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that I am given the opportunity, and that I have discovered my true calling in life at a relatively young age.


I love stocks and derivatives and I primarily use these two instruments in my portfolio management. I try to stay ahead of the market and tune out of the noise as best as I can. However, you as a reader, should definitely combine my ideas with adequate research if you wish to act upon them.

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