I have previously written an article on Apple’s iPhone sales and the adverse competitive environmental in which it finds itself. Read it at Is Apple Rotting? (1) Unlike many others, technology industry usually gives rises to “the next big thing.” The success in the tech industry is analogous to winning a lottery ticket: a few make astronomical amount of […]

Thesis: Apple is a great brand, that is transitioning to a socially and environmentally responsible company. However, the lack of innovation in the recent years and the loss of brand niche, worsened with a confusion of developmental focus has made the once most attractive company in the world much less impactful. I believe unless a […]

I have just gotten back home from my trip to Omaha. It was the first time I had gone to the city as well as the State. It was truly an unbelievable experience, more so than it was eye-opening. I say so because I had many expectations that turned to be quite accurate; however, it […]